i’m in love with you, but the vibe is wrong

cause ya know, sometimes theres these people and you really care about them to the point where you can actually tolerate them, all the time, you love seeing them, and you absorb everything they say like its the most interesting thing you’ve ever heard. you love to look at them because everything about the way they look just makes you happy, they’re beautiful. you don’t just mind their quirks, you like them. you just want to be with them, all the time. you want to be closer to them then you already are, and you really just want more, and your’re not sure how or why. and thats why you don’t act on any of it. because you really care about them, and losing the privilege to feel this way and have it all go down a path where that all ends just isn’t worth it. so you date boys you don’t care about and friend zone the only one you do. it only makes sense

i think creeping my own tumblr and getting embarassed over how stupid i was in previous years was the best decision i made tonight. 

ive come a hell of a long way.

im fed up with all of you

quit trying to change me. if you want someone different. go find someone different and leave me alone. 


one more big fuck you, because i missed that last one. FUCK. YOU.