I get drunk and do this shit. Ignore the mistakes

im fed up with all of you

quit trying to change me. if you want someone different. go find someone different and leave me alone. 


one more big fuck you, because i missed that last one. FUCK. YOU.

i mean

first off, i’m not as stupid as you think. i can put the picture together.

second off, why do i still put up with this shit

third off, i’m too nice, thats why. but if i wasn’t, i would tell you to go fuck yourself


and i turn 21 in 50 days 

my hair is forever atrocious. but i swear sometimes it dosn’t look so bad!

my hair is forever atrocious. but i swear sometimes it dosn’t look so bad!

for any man ever wishing to date me

this list is compiled of all requirements you must meet in order to even consider asking me out. keep in mind you may not be eligible if i am still caught up over my  ex boyfriend. this is the first time ive been in love so i dont really understand how these things work, if you get over those. 

!.) i’m very emotional, more emotional then most. if you can’t deal with it or you get mad when a girl cries, you may stop reading now. 

2.) i have done things i’m not proud of. ive put them in the past, if you cant leave them there, you may stop reading now. 

3.) i do not date smokers or heavy drinkers. if you are either, you may stop reading now. 

4.) I’m generous, i put everything i possibly can into a relationship to make it work. if this freaks you out, you may stop reading now. 

and theres probably more for you to find wrong with me but unfortunately i just don’t think i’m all that bad so that’s all i’m going to include for now :)

cause why not

staying up till 3:30 because i procrastinated washing honey off my face for 2 hours. didnt care because i was off today. 

wake up to a phone call from my boss asking me to come in, so i listen, and i missed the car wash. but someone was doing the hand thing and i was happy majority of the day. 

go to pick up jt from the restaurant when theresa asked me to get her a white mocha from across the street. decided to buy a coconut mocha for myself and was not at all disappointed. 

Theresa’s change was 1.75, and jt was aloud to keep the quarters if he knew how much they equaled. it was a struggle though, and he almost had it, so he kept the change anyway. He wanted to spend it in the toy machines inside scoops across the street, so we decided to get ice cream. 

Came home and doug told me i looked taller. i agree, i feel taller lately.    i don’t mind standing alittle taller. i agreed to spend the rest of the night with jt so he could go out. 

we talked and watched up and laughed a lot and it was awesome just being able to spend time with him. i honestly can’t imagine my life without this kid. 

lows of the day where when i was thrown off and bothered over careless text messages and one of my wisdom teeth declaring war on my mouth. overall, good day. very unexpected and probably better that way.